Bringing public Real Estate into the 21st Century

Endeavor was a partner of the Institute of Financial Management for the Social Security system in order to publicize tenders for the sale of real estate. We helped them we have evolve from the traditional means of publicizing theses contests – like newspaper ads – to a Digital Marketing solution based on Google AdWords.


“I planned to hold two real estate tenders, but I reached the year’s goals by the end of the first tender.” 

Ana Vaques, 2014, Social Security 


We aimed at reaching the private investor but also focused on attracting key audiences such as golden visa candidates, builders, real estate investors and real estate professionals.


Through the display network and Google search engine we displayed ads in the top sites of the real estate industry, such as:,,,,,  and, and we combined the segmentation according to the interests of the audience and the typology and location of the properties on offer.


With a reduced budget it was thus possible to reach a large audience and obtain exceptional results.



2014, July