Endeavor’s accumulated experience in the luxury real estate segment

Our Client is one of the largest and most prestigious international real estate firms specializes in luxury real estate. Endeavor’s job was to developed a segmented AdWord solution, focusing in the location and typologies of the properties. We achieved an impression quota which close to 100%  and topped rankings on the search engine.



25% increase in the number of eligible leads while decreasing the AdWords investment by 61%. 


We capitalized on Endeavor’s experience in Google AdWords for the real estate segment which, combined with an analysis of the target audience ande the market, allowed the implementation of the multilingual solution with a high performance world reach.


This solution, coupled with an aggressive ad serving strategy for all inventory-relevant searches, enabled Endeavor to deliver results with a 25% increase in the number of leads while decreasing the AdWords investment by 61%.



2017, November