Luxury clothing retailer achieves an increases in online sales of 144%

We were challenged by a new costumer, an online retailer of clothing, footwear and accessories for men, to deliver an increase in international sales while maintaining the same budget that had been invested in digital marketing using in-house resources.


We analyzed the Clothing and Accessories business, online competition, demand dynamics, the availability of new collections, promotion and sales, and implemented a solution that  allows us to increases’s business profit margin by controlling the investment and the return to the main segments: geography, brand, collection, sales, promotions, price rage and product category.


This analysis concluded that priority to the luxury segment market should be given – the client stands out by curating and having exclusive access to products from international designers – and that we should have millenials as a target audience.


In order to achieve the desired results, we developed an AdWords solution spanning 21 countries with a focus on the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan and focus primarily on Google’s retail shopping platform, Google Shopping, along with Google Search, Remarketing, and Display.


Along with the development of the digital marketing solution, we helped the Client improve the usability and performance of their website – especially in the mobile version – in order to maximize the conversion rate.



The results speak for themselves:


52% increase in online sales in 2016. 

55% increase in online sales in 2017. 



We reached an average cost per transaction of less than 12.5% and a new costumers acquisition cost of less than 15%. Often, the cost per transaction drops to 7.5%.


In the first year of collaboration, 2016, we achieved a 52% increase in sales while maintaining the investment in digital marketing. In 2017, with an increase in the digital marketing budget of 25%, we achieved a further increase in sales of 55%.



In two years we have collaborated with this Client, they have seen an the increase in online sales of 144%.




2018, January