Pilot School flies higher in search results

G Air Training Center offers aeronautical training such as Airline Pilot Courses, Flight Attendant Courses, Commercial Pilot Courses and Private Pilot Courses. In the market since 1979, G AIR Training Center has offices in Portugal, Italy and Spain.


With a diversified training offer, the company is focused on a specific type of client: young people who are finishing high school and who aspire to be pilots or those seeking alternative vocational training to university education.



30% more contacts and 38% increase in sales.


Before using AdWords, the company was betting on traditional marketing methods such as magazines, trade fairs and radio ads.


“We noticed that almost all the students interested in the training offer were searching online and that it was fundamental to adapt to this behavior,” Nelson Ferreira, vice president, tells us.


Once we analysed how students were searching online for piloting courses, we focused primarily on developing a new multilingual site and optimizing it for organic search results.
In AdWords, we used the various campaign types to achieve different goals:

  • Search Campaigns to publicize the training offer;
  • Display and Remarketing campaigns to focus on the most active search terms and promote promotions, partnerships and open days;
  • Video and Gmail campaigns to increase brand awareness and complement the Remarketing strategy.

The results were visible: “AdWords has helped us improve our brand recognition, significantly increase the number of potential students contacts and effectively contributed to increased revenue. A 17% increase in investment has resulted in more and better leads:”


  • 30% more contacts
  • 38% increase in sales



Case Study published by Google
G Air Training a Success Story AdWords


2016, March