How to treble the number of orders!

Our Client, currently the market leader in domain registration services, website hosting and server housing, bet on Endeavor to revive a digital marketing strategy that had failed to bear fruit.


In the first month of collaboration with Endeavor, the costumer saw a 268% increase in orders directly attributed to AdWords, which also corresponded to the acquisition of new costumers.



268% increase in orders. 


Cost-per-click decreased by 68%. 


From an in-depth analysis of the audience, competitors, and understanding of the costumer flow and funnel until the act of purchase, Endeavor has developed an AdWords an AdWords solution with:

  • High level of decomposition of campaigns and ad groups;
  • Innovative approach to keywords and segmentation;
  • Messages in specific ads that are very relevant to searches;
  • Advanced bidding techniques and search terms optimization.


With this strategy, performance improved substantially compared to previous experiences, including a reduction of 68% in cost per click.




2017, November